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    Help, logica adwords cercasi

    sapreste darmi una mano? almeno aiutandomi a capire la logica di adwords e dell'esercizio seguente?

    thanx all in anticipo

    1a. Ad and keyword performance:
    Below are four hypothetical AdWords ads and four keywords sets. The ads will appear when their respective keywords are searched on Google. Please number the ads in order of how well you think each ad will perform on Google, (1) being the least successful ad. Additionally, please provide your reasoning for your numbering of the ads.

    Ad A:
    Best Flowers Online
    Same Day Delivery on Spring Flowers.
    INTERNATIONAL DELIVERIES OK!! http://www.flowers.ie

    Ad B:

    Lotus Moon Collection
    Exotic bowls, dishes & table linens
    from South East Asia.

    Ad 😄

    Birthday Partys
    Fund Raisers & Childrens Parties
    We have all your party needs!!

    Ad 😧

    Facial Rejuvenation
    Diminish wrinkles & signs of aging
    with DERMANEW facial rejuvenation

    Keywords for Ad A:

    Keyword: rose
    Keyword: flowers
    Keyword: delivery
    Keyword: free shipping

    Keywords for Ad B:

    Keyword: Celadon
    Keyword: Ceramics
    Keyword: Dishes
    Keyword: Homeware
    Keyword: Lacquer
    Keyword: Porcelains
    Keyword: Tablelinens

    Keywords for Ad 😄

    Keyword: birthday magician

    Keywords for Ad 😧

    Keyword: facial rejuvenation
    Keyword: dermanew facial
    Keyword: rejuvenation system
    Keyword: Dermanew

    In a few (2-5) sentences, please explain your reasons for numbering the ads in the above order. Please provide this response in both English and in your native language.

    1b. Ad optimization:
    Choose at least two of the ads from the previous page that you predict will not perform well when their keywords are searched on Google. Edit the ad text and keywords to improve their effectiveness in the space provided below. Please provide a brief explanation about your edits in both English and your native language.

    Your Edits:

    Ad __: Keywords for Ad __:

    Ad __: Keywords for Ad __:

    Feel free to make further edits or comments about edits.

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    azz si mette male.....

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    credo che la logica sia da cercare nella pertinenza tra parole chiave e annuncio: nel caso D, ad esempio, è molto forte poichè la creatività riprende i termini che l'inserzionista acquista; è probabile quindi che quell'annuncio faccia registrare un CTR alto.