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    Faccio seguito alla segnalazione di @alessiap88 LinkTree Update Gratuito Interessante (anche per eCommerce) segnalando che Shopify ne ha fatto uno suo

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    What is Linkpop?

    Linkpop is a mobile-first, easy-to-use link in bio tool that lets you send your visitors and followers to a curated collection of all your best links. Use it anywhere to connect all your links in one place and build a strong, cohesive presence. Add links to your other social accounts, websites, YouTube channel, Spotify playlists—you name it.

    And because Linkpop is brought to you by Shopify, you’ll enjoy seamless integration with your Shopify store to promote your products, convert more visitors into customers, and make more sales. The best part is: you can do it all in seconds. Build a beautiful, custom link in bio page, click publish, and boom, you’re ready to go. Then, use Linkpop’s analytics to see how your page and links are performing.

    What are shoppable links?

    Shoppable links make it easy for users to shop while they’re browsing social media. While it may sound complicated, it’s simple to set up if you have the right link in bio tool. With Linkpop, shoppable links are fully integrated with your Shopify store. They’re powered by Shopify’s fast and secure checkout, which is trusted by millions of merchants around the world. Guide your Linkpop visitors to checkout in just three clicks.

    If you sell products or services online, or you’re planning to start, shoppable links are an amazing way to grow your sales. They allow you to lead customers to specific pages and products at the exact moment of interest in their feed, then transform them from a visitor to a customer in seconds. If you’re not using shoppable links, you’re missing out!

    Can I view my link in bio analytics with Linkpop?

    Yes! You’ll be able to analyze how your link in bio page is performing, as well as the performance of each individual link. Linkpop’s analytics include tracking metrics like the number of visits to your page, the number of clicks on each link, and more. Track your analytics regularly to understand what content is getting attention and what can be improved.