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    La novità annunciata da StreamYard: il Team Plan!

    Sto seguendo l'evento dove stanno annunciando cose 🙂

    • [Estate 2021] Il Team Plan, con più persone che possono gestire le cose: Admin, Creator, Co-Host. Sono dei ruoli.

    Ottimo per gestire più eventi, con più show.

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    Tristan John Griffiths sul gruppo ufficiale scrive

    [ Coming This SUMMER ]

    3 New Roles in TEAM ACCOUNTS

    • CREATOR - Go live & create on account
    • Co-Hosts - Show up and & help with on screen elements

    How many workspaces / shows?
    Shows / workspaces

    • Can separate assets
    • Could designate to different team members

    If on PRO Plan - Can I upgrade to Team ?

    • Yes

    Teams Still Activation Code?

    • Not live yet
    • We are working on this ATM
    • Login Code on their own account

    How many banner / Brand Under each Workspace / Show?

    • Details TBC
    • Replaces Brands - Different way to manage this
    • Shows instead of brands?

    Does having co-hosts cut into 10 allowed on screen?

    • Yes they count
    • Pro plans allows 12 backstage

    Want to stream to yours and co-hosts accounts

    • Yes they add from their account so no need to share log in info
    • Allows streaming to both platforms

    Can Participant respond to live comments?

    • Looking to bring this in for all not just teams
    • Creators can create comments
    • Co-Hosts can't add comments?
    • In group who does it say is LIVE in a FB Group ?
    • Adding ability to have PAGE go live?