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    Arriva Creator Mode su Linkedin

    Ecco gli ultimi arrivati alla guerra per prendersi i Creator: Linkedin


    Pare sia importante inserire gli hashtag giusti


    Grow your Following: 50% of member follows come from Profile views. With creator mode, your primary Profile action updates from ‘Connect’ to ‘Follow,’ helping you grow your audience. The option to connect is still available for creators and people they know.

    Establish your voice: We’ve heard loud and clear that creators want to prioritize showcasing their content over work experience, so with creator mode, your original posts will be highlighted front and center, helping you establish your voice with potential followers that visit your Profile. You can also add hashtags to your Profile intro so that potential followers can easily see which topics you post about the most.

    Get discovered: Creator mode will make members eligible for search and discovery results downstream, helping creators get discovered and grow their audience.