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    Google Webmasters Central fa un Rebranding e diventa Google Search Central


    Qui l'annuncio ufficiale.

    Una roba più moderna. Non vi aspettate un cambio di comunicazione.

    Hanno avuto tante occasioni per farlo, non credo lo faranno ora 🙂

    E c'è da considerare questo:

    A user experience study we ran revealed that very few web professionals identify themselves as webmasters anymore. They're more likely to call themselves Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), online marketer, blogger, web developer, or site owner, but very few "webmasters".

    e poi

    We will continue to create content for anyone who wants their websites to show up on Google Search, whether you're just getting started with SEO or you're an experienced web professional.

    Niente, i webmaster sono pochi! :d:

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    Il refresh della mascot di Googlebot

    Schermata 2020-11-11 alle 17.22.14.png


    Our Googlebot mascot is also getting an upgrade. Googlebot's days of wandering the web solo come to a close as a new sidekick joins Googlebot in crawling the internet.

    When we first met this curious critter, we wondered, "Is it really a spider?" After some observation, we noticed this spider bot hybrid can jump great distances and sees best when surrounded by green light. We think Googlebot's new best friend is a spider from the genus Phidippus, though it seems to also have bot-like characteristics. Googlebot's been trying out new nicknames for the little spider bot, but they haven't settled on anything yet. Maybe you can help?