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    Update alle linee guida dei Quality Rater

    Me lo segnala @uale75 e troviamo un articolo qui.

    Cambiamenti di ottobre nel loro changelog

    • Added note to clarify that ratings do not directly impact order of search results
    • Emphasized 'The Role of Examples in these Guidelines' as an independent
      section in the introduction
    • Added clarification that Special Content Result Blocks may have links to landing
      pages; added illustrative example
    • Updated guidance on how to rate pages with malware warnings and when to
      assign the Did Not Load flag; added illustrative examples
    • Changed the order of Rating Flags section and Relationship between Page Quality
      and Needs Met section for clarity
    • Added 'Rating Dictionary and Encyclopedia Results for Different Queries':
      Emphasizes the importance of understanding the user intent and query for Needs
      Met rating; added illustrative examples
    • Minor changes throughout (updated examples and explanations for consistency;
      simplified language regarding raters representing people in their locale; fixed typos; etc.)

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