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    I cambiamenti più grossi sono nella Pending Section

    • Issue #1401: Add a type LearningResource to indicate CreativeWorks that have a particular and explicit orientation towards learning, education, skill acquisition and other educational purposes.
    • Issue #2611: Add a Quiz type, as a kind of LearningResource, defined as a "test of knowledge, skills and abilities."
    • Issue #2587: Add two properties size and pattern for type Product to support common product variant dimensions.
    • Issue #1797: Add a ProductGroup type to allow modeling of a group of products ("variants") that vary along explicitly defined dimensions. Add properties variesBy and hasVariant for type ProductGroup to explicitly define the variant-identifying properties and the list of variants belonging to the group. Adds existing property isVariantOf to type Product to indicate the ProductGroup it is a variant of. Adds property productGroupID as explicit identifier for type ProductGroup. Also adds inverse property inProductGroupWithID for type Product to identify the product group it is a variant of.