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    CDR introduces OxiTester and MiniFood in Libya

    On March 13, 2008, CDR organized a meeting in Tripoli (Libya) to present its olive oil testing systems: OxiTester and MiniFood.

    The meeting was held in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, which hosted the presentation, and thanks to the precious collaboration of Tashsrukiat Garnat, newly appointed distributor of CDR products in Libya.

    Local authorities, representatives from analysis laboratories and field operators attended the meeting. Mr. Gabriele Casini, Marketing Manager of FoodLab Division, and Mr. Claudio Vignoli, in charge of the OxiTester foreign sales network, represented CDR.

    After the presentation, analytical tests were carried out using the OxiTester on locally produced oils. The practical trials highlighted the great potential of the testing instrument, which is easy to use, reliable and ensures improvement of olive oil quality, which aroused the interest of the audience.

    Official source: www.cdr-mediared.com/press-release/oxitester-Libya