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    Afinox launches the new refrigerated upright cabinets for Pastry and Ice-Cream

    On march 2007 Afinox launched MKT 09, the new refrigerated upright cabinets for Pastry and Ice-Cream

    Afinox is a famous Italian producer of refrigerated upright cabinets, refrigerated counters, refrigerated display, blast chillers, shock freezers, pizza counters, stainless steel prep table, buffets for restaurants and hotels.
    MKT 09 is the short name of MEKANO **Refrigerated upright cabinets for Pastry and Ice-Cream.
    **This news refrigerated upright cabinets is made in stainless steel AISI 304 - TN (-2/+7°C) and BT (-10/-24°C) versions. Extreme system versatility means that customised cabinets can be created to meet all the needs of operators in the catering and pastry-making sector. Functionality combined with important advantages such as the possibility of optimising the management of warehouse stocks and reducing service and maintenance times make Mekano a unique and highly convenient system. For every cabinet, the "Mekano" system offers different aesthetic and functional solutions that satisfy both customers looking for simple clear-cut design together with quality and safety and those targeting a top-of-the-range product with an attractive line and full optionals.

    For more information see Afinox web site