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    Know a little more about the Italian web market :)

    Salve a tutti

    First of all sorry for writing in English and if I'm ading this topic at the wrong place.
    I am Portuguese and a professional webmastar and I'm trying anda little more Italian web market. I am very interested in sharing information and who knows maybe find business partners πŸ™‚

    As I am new here, I would put some simple questions:

    Is there any site with market area where people sell domains, websites, SEO services, Facebook, creating content and others related to the web?
    There are other Italian forums like this?

    I thank all who wish to contribute with some information.


  • Consiglio Direttivo

    Hello Empresa87, welcome to our community. Feel free to feel yourself at home in this corner of the Web. πŸ™‚

    First things first: I have moved your thread to a more appropriate position on the board, and fixed some issues with boldface fonts, to enhance readability and make it comply with our Rules and Netiquette.

    Back to your questions: indeed, this board has a commercial area where webmasters, site admins and SEO's make their deal and/or trade domains, websites and other Internet-related services such as advertising, copywriting etc. Notice, however, that we do not accept announcements where an user tries to sell Facebook pages, contacts, email databases, and related stuff β€” it is definitely not our cup of tea.

    If you want, I can give you directions and a quick tour of the area, and explain you where to look for specific restrictions (in brief: anything against the Italian law is forbidden, adult stuff can be treated β€” yet, handle with care, and avoid active links or url's β€”, no gambling, no Ponzi schemes, affiliations have a dedicated corner, and useless critical remarks below any announcement are not welcome).

    To my knowledge, there are other Forums with a similar theme, even though they are either broader in essence (covering other aspects of Computer Science, for instance), or they ended up being more specialised (on web marketing, for instance, or on particular CMS's and related technology). A quick glance at any search engine results page will give you the full list of possible destination where to land on.

    Here in gt we are quite unique, I daresay, and I hope you will have time to discover our peculiar atmosphere. πŸ™‚

    As you can imagine, the market in Italy is proportional to the population speaking the Italian language, so it is comparatively smaller than other vast landscapes. At the same time, it is just a part of the broader global market, with interesting connections and promising perspectives. The customers are slowly but steadily getting acquainted to the idea that the web marketing can be a powerful source of revenues, and the technology is permeating the society rapidly enough to give hope for a bright future. Also, our SEO's can rich high-profile goals, even at the international level, and some already have quite a name in the game.

    Should you have any specific question concerning this board and how to best use it, do not hesitate to ask; someone will answer, sooner or later. πŸ˜‰

    Also, please understand that the official language here is Italian; we will try our best and write in English (or Portuguese, for the lucky ones speaking it), but be ready to make massive use of Google Translate or similar services to read our threads.

    Greetings, see you around.

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    Hello Leonov and thank you for the attention and dedication to welcome a Foreign πŸ™‚

    I'm a little lost, you can leave here the link to the market area?
    I understand some obvious restrictions in the market, but why not facebook pages? Since they are a valuable source of traffic and related services do not appear to be against the law.

    Another thing I wanted to understand was the cost of such services related to the web.
    Just for example for I have a point of comparison, what is the cost in Italy of a web site with a theme of themeforest.net with some customizations? Or a online store in prestashop? I speak of the price charged by agencies that do this kind of work (we're talking about prices here in the forum certainly would be much lower). I ask this because most of my clients I know them personally and in their companies. I know this is a difficult question to answer precise answer πŸ™‚

    I'll try to write in Italian in the future. Some words are very identical to the Portuguese. I enjoy to read the forum and learn more Italian.

    By the way, if you're wondering why so much interest, my girlfriend is Italian and I perhaps move to italy. So better start learning everything right now;)


  • Consiglio Direttivo

    Welcome back, Empresa87. πŸ™‚

    Here are some answers to the questions you put; as I said, feel free to ask more, whenever you want; we shall be around.

    Our commercial area is located here: http://www.giorgiotave.it/forum/comunicazione-e-annunci/ and is further sub-divided into many zones, dedicated to specific services. We have corners where to post press releases (for both web-related activities and general events; the sub-board is moderated to enhance content quality); zones where to present the users' own projects to the community, or where to notify about available places in directories. Then there is a tiny zone for non-Web-related announcements (something like a miniature version of Craigslist, not widely used).

    The four more relevant pillars of the area, however, are those more focussed on web-related business and trade, namely:

    β€’ Links exchange area (http://www.giorgiotave.it/forum/scambio-links/) where only proposals for link exchanges are evaluated;
    β€’ Links and advertisement sale area (http://www.giorgiotave.it/forum/link-e-pubblicita-aste-vendita-ed-acquisto/), where we cover general advertisement offers on websites and portals, and so forth;
    β€’ Domains and websites sale area (http://www.giorgiotave.it/forum/mondo-domini-aste-vendita-ed-acquisto/), where domains and websites are sold;
    β€’ General market for web-based collaboration and projects, or where to post job announcements (http://www.giorgiotave.it/forum/collaborazioni-web-e-lavoro-offro-e-cerco/), where it is possible to look for β€” and propose oneself for β€” positions in the web-related market, from community managers to .net developers, etc.

    Notice that each area has its own additional sub-rules, to be read carefully. Typically, there is a highlighted thread on top of the first page of discussions, called "Regole Specifiche di Sezione", which contains all the details. We tend to be quite strict when it comes to complying with these rules, and violations are punished with prejudice.

    As for your question about our policy on resales of FB pages, clicks, groups and/or entire email databases, it is just our own choice, in which we strongly believe. In some cases, such operations seem to violate the rules of the portals/social networks/domains where the pages and groups live in, so we do not want to encourage "third-party misdemeanours". Same story with the resale of email addresses and personal data, which can quickly lead to unfair use of the goods acquired. At any rate, it is a part of the game we are not interested in, and we decided to rule it out of our board. It is not a choice carved in stone, and we may reconsider it in the future, but not for the moment. πŸ™‚

    As for the typical prices and profit margins, I do not have a spreadsheet to show you, nor there is an updated one available for the community. My advice is to look around, and make this a piece of your Italian-learning puzzle, discovering the best opportunities and spotting the very few risky scams (our sieves are decidedly selective, but not yet as much as we would like them to be; we are working hard on that aspect). We also have threads where one can report abuses and alert the others about fake offers or absurdly low prices (consider, however, that we do not have any minimum wage threshold here). Most likely, with the next upgrade of the whole platform, the commercial area will undergo major changes, and many loose strings will be tightened.

    I think this is it. If new bits of information come to my mind, I will readily get back here and post them. In the meantime, you can roam around a bit, try to decipher the jargon in the sub-section rules (it is not that obscure, as you will see), and prepare some more questions for us to answer.

    I hope you will enjoy this tiny part of Italy coming out through your computer screen, and possibly use it as the outpost to start your journey to our country.

    Have a good one,