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    lightbox js 2 / problema REL

    sto utilizzando lo script LIGHTBOX JS V2.02 in questo script:

    [HTML]<SCRIPT type=text/javascript>

    var dynimages=new Array()
    dynimages[0]=["image/V.jpg", "<b>VERDE</b><br>Cazzate varie", "#ffffff", "33px"]
    dynimages[1]=["image/G.jpg", "TESTO 1", "#333333", "161px"]
    dynimages[2]=["image/B.jpg", 'TESTO 2 .... <a href="images/image-1.png" rel="lightbox">Portfolio</a>', "#ffffff", "161px"]
    dynimages[3]=["image/R.jpg", "<b>TESTO3", "#ffffff", "161px"]
    dynimages[4]=["image/H.jpg", "TESTO4", "", ""]

    //Preload images ("yes" or "no"):
    var preloadimg="yes"

    //Set optional link target to be added to all images with a link:
    var optlinktarget=""

    //Set image border width
    var imgborderwidth=0

    //Optionally, change 1.0 and 0.7 below to affect Wipe gradient size and duration in seconds in IE5.5+:
    var filterstring="progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.GradientWipe(Gra dientSize=1.0 Duration=0.7)"

    ///////No need to edit beyond here/////

    if (preloadimg=="yes"){
    for (x=0; x<dynimages.length; x++){
    var myimage=new Image()

    function returnimgcode(theimg){
    var imghtml=""
    if (theimg[1]!="")
    imghtml='<DIV style="height:253px; width:550px; background:url('+theimg[0]+')"><p style="margin-left:12px; margin-top:'+theimg[3]+'"><FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 11px" face=arial color='+theimg[2]+'>'+theimg[1]+'</font></p></DIV>'
    if (theimg[1]!="")
    return imghtml

    function modifyimage(loadarea, imgindex){
    if (document.getElementById){
    var imgobj=document.getElementById(loadarea)
    if (imgobj.filters && window.createPopup){
    if (imgobj.filters && window.createPopup)
    return false

    però l'attributo REL non funziona. Come posso ovviare al problema?

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    dimenticate quello che vi avevo chiesto, era troppo difficile!!!

    ora vorrei chiedervi un'altra cosa x lightbox:

    vorrei spostare i pulsanti successivo e precedente affianco al pulsante EXIT, è possibile?