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    [VENDO] Explainer Video - We Will Explain Your Business in 60 Sec !

    Are you an entrepreneur? Have you built a start-up? Would you like to increase sales of your products and services? If so, this offer is for you!


    Your potential clients browse hundreds of pages on a daily basis, and thousands of announcements and pieces of information** fight to gain their attention. No wonder that often** they have no time to read the full content of your webpage thoroughly. Our Explainer Videos are an excellent solution to this problem. In a friendly and modern form, they present the services you offer and reasons why they are worth using. Additionally, they will ensure you stand out from your competition and leave a positive impression!

    Unconvinced? Think how often you close a webpage yourself before you have read the whole content? Wouldn’t you rather watch a short and informative video, which in a simple way will explain the very core of the offer in which you are interested and its benefits, and what’s more, viewing it will take only 60 seconds of your time. We believe so!

    Below you will find some facts regarding the Explainer Videos:

    • 59% of higher level managers prefer to watch a video than read text, if both are available on the same page (Forbes Insight, 2010)
    • Users who watched Explainer Videos are 85% more likely to purchase (Internet Retailer)
    • Users are 3 times more likely to visit webpages that contain this type of presentation. Organic traffic increases 157% (Marketing Sherpa)
    • Emails which contain Explainer Videos have 96% higher conversion rate. (Implix.com)
    • Users are **3 times more likely **to link to articles containing this type of advertising (Seomoz.com)

    What makes us the best? We offer you professional productions with a voice-over in Italian / English (or other languages), background music and – most importantly – a script that ensures the order you place with us will be a shot right into the bull’s eye from a marketing point of view! And at a price you can afford!

    For users of this forum, the cost of a 60 second long presentation with a voice-over is 699 EUR!

    Why not take a look at our portfolio and see what we could do for you at our website?

    We hope to hear from you soon!

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